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Evening post planned to clear weather backlog

Delivery services have been significantly affected across the UK by heavy snowfall in the past week.

Up to 14,000 extra delivery rounds are planned across the UK from Monday through to Thursday — weather permitting.

Royal Mail is expecting to have carried out around 25,000 extra rounds by Christmas.

Yesterday postmen made deliveries across the province in a bid to clear the backlog.

Mark Higson, managing director of Royal Mail, said: “Royal Mail is committed to doing everything possible to deliver letters, cards and parcels on behalf of its customers.”

Some 7,000 delivery rounds were expected to be made across the UK yesterday. Attention is being focused on the areas worst affected by the weather.

Royal Mail has taken several steps to speed up deliveries with extra staff, more sorting centres and HGV drivers with large lorries drafted in.

Meanwhile, online retailer Amazon said ensuring customers get their goods in time for Christmas is its top priority.

Managing director Brian McBride sent emails to customers assuring them the backlogs would be cleared and that the company appreciated people’s patience and understanding.

It explained that the company was getting emails and calls from customers worried their Christmas gifts might not make it in time, but insisted that customers could “rest assured that your item is on its way to you now”.

Amazon customer Erica Malone, from Lisburn, said: “I had planned to do most of my shopping online, but with disruptions to deliveries I have been forced to get out in the snow and hit the shops.”

Reports from the north Pole indicate Santa Claus has received all the festive wish list letters he has been sent from children across the world.

Elves are busy processing requests now.

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