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'Evil Paula lured my son to that party... she is to blame for his wheelie bin ordeal'


Paula Wilson

Paula Wilson

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Roddy Patterson

Roddy Patterson

Teri Lau

Teri Lau

Victim Adam Robinson

Victim Adam Robinson

Paula Wilson

The family of a young man beaten, gagged and left to die in a wheelie bin say they blame Paula Wilson for the brutal attack.

Wilson (21) pleaded guilty on Tuesday to aiding and abetting two men in the false imprisonment of 21-year-old Adam Robinson, who was left traumatised by the attack in Ballymena, Co Antrim.

Adam's mother Wilma Stewart told the Belfast Telegraph Wilson had lured her son to the house where the horrific attack began.

"She is to blame," said Ms Stewart.

"I don't know how a girl could do that and then leave Adam in that bin, to walk away.

"How could she walk away and not look back?

"It was her who lured Adam to that party because he didn't run about with them.

"Adam and a friend were at another party when they met her. I believe she instigated what happened."

Wilson appeared before Antrim Crown Court alongside her boyfriend Teri Lau and Roddy Patterson. Both men pleaded guilty to causing Mr Robinson actual bodily harm and false imprisonment. The trio had initially faced attempted murder charges.

Ms Stewart said her family was devastated the lesser charges were pleaded to. She told how her son's life had been turned upside down since his ordeal in September of last year.

Adam was found battered and naked inside a sealed wheelie bin which had been propped against a tree. He was discovered and rescued by chance by a dog-walker in the Sentry Hill area of the town. The attack was launched after a party in the Dunclug estate.

"At the end of the day if that gentleman with the dog hadn't found Adam he could have been dead," Ms Stewart said. "Adam has nightmares and flashbacks. It has ruined his life. Not only has it affected him these past 13 months, it will continue to. As a parent you worry. I don't know if Adam will ever fully recover. He wakes up from nightmares dripping with sweat. It's awful."

Lau (27), of Dunclug Park, and Patterson, also 27, of Glendun Drive, Ballymena, were remanded in custody ahead of next month's sentencing.

Wilson, from Millfield, is awaiting sentence for the attack on Adam and a separate incident involving a vulnerable young woman in the town.

Following their pleas to the respective charges a prosecutor said while the Crown was not proceeding with the attempted murder charge against the trio, and in the actual charge of false imprisonment against Wilson, they should "remain on the books".

Wilson had been arrested after a witness told police of seeing a young woman in the area where the bin was found.

Ms Stewart said her entire family was still struggling to cope with the violent attack.

"It's hit us all," she said. "Every time Adam steps foot outside this house he's a nervous wreck. He worries when these people get out they will come back for him."

Wilson previously presented herself to police after claiming to have received threats from loyalist paramilitaries.

Four months before the attack on Adam, Wilson was involved in another brutal incident during which a vulnerable woman was dry-shaved by a gang armed with razors.

Wilson, Lau and Patterson will be sentenced on December 22.

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