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Ewe whopper - ‘Mighty’ Suffolk lamb born weighing almost 10kgs

By Chris McCullough

A Suffolk ewe lamb born on a County Armagh farm at the weekend has weighed in at a whopping 9.9kgs, almost double the size of a normal lamb.

The monster lamb was born on Saturday evening around 7pm on the farm of Nigel White in Scarva.

It took Nigel and his fiancée Diane Halliday 30 minutes to prise the lamb from its mother in an assisted birth leaving them both extremely tired but happy with the result.

This is the biggest ever new born lamb Nigel has had on his farm in the ten years he has been keeping sheep and doesn’t want to see another one so big anytime soon.

With his pedigree Suffolk flock name of Monclone it’s no wonder they are calling it the Monclone Mighty!

Nigel said: “The ewe was scanned to have a single lamb but we did not expect one so big. It’s a monster!

“It was born at 7pm on Saturday evening and as soon as it was born we weighed it because we knew it was heavy.

“The lamb weighed 9.9kgs or 21.83lbs which is the biggest new born lamb I have ever seen.

“It took Diane and me half an hour to deliver the lamb and we were very glad to get it out.”

Nigel, who also works as a tractor mechanic, keeps 20 Suffolk ewes and has another nine left to lamb.

All his ewes are 95 per cent purebred Suffolks and he has used his own purebred Suffolk ram on them for the past two years.

“This is the second crop of lambs from that ram,” said Nigel.

“Last year we had a good crop of lambs as well from him but no lambs as big as this one.

“Both the lamb and mother are doing really well. The lamb started to suck milk from its mother just after it was born but it’s so big it has to get down on its knees to drink.

“I am very happy it has survived as normally big lambs have problems with their hearts and other health problems.

“It’s definitely a keeper for the flock if it makes it,” he said.

According to the Suffolk Sheep Society the average weight for a new born single lamb is around 5.2kgs if born to a first time mother and an average 5.6kgs if born to a mature ewe.

Nigel’s lamb is almost double the breed average weighing 9.9kgs! It’s no wonder it stands twice as high when put beside another new born Suffolk lamb of average size.

According to research, the heaviest new born lamb in the world tipped the scales at 11kgs or 24.25lbs.

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