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Ex-boxer Eamonn Magee is a risk to the public, court told

Former world boxing champion Eamonn Magee is a risk to the public and will not abide by court orders, a judge has been told.

Police claimed the 39-year-old would continue to flout release conditions after he allegedly breached an alcohol ban.

Magee, of Eskdale Gardens, Belfast, is currently facing a charge of breaching a non-molestation order and harassing his ex-partner, Maria Magill.

That case is due to be contested later this week.

But he was returned to custody after police discovered he had been drinking when he went to report in as part of his original release conditions.

A constable told Belfast Magistrates Court yesterday: “If I was to say to you to bail (him) on the same conditions, all that will happen is we will be back here again and again and again.

“This man does not abide by bail.” The officer added: “We say there is a risk to the public if this man continues to drink.”

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