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Ex-Larne mayor calls for anti-NI Protocol BBQs


Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson

A leading Orangeman and former Mayor of Larne has called for brethren not to “lose the bap” and protest against the Protocol on the Twelfth with a Great British barbecue.

Former UUP man Tom Robinson, who was a long-serving councillor in Larne, wants unionists to take a butcher’s at British beef after a day out on parade.

“Let the Twelfth of July, with its massive constituency of supporters, become a day in which we emphasise our opposition to the undemocratic way we are being treated through a very simple means,” he said.

“I plan to stock up myself for the occasion and I would encourage others to do the same.

"Our message should be that we have a ‘beef’ with Europe and they need to ‘meat’ our desire to be treated better than has been the case.”

Mr Robinson, who served for 25 years on Larne Borough Council, said that people should ensure they were buying British over the counter — and not to accept anything else.

“This year our demonstrations will be in smaller venues, with smaller numbers, and they will be over sooner than normal, so I would appeal to all those involved in lodges, bands and as spectators to go home on the Twelfth afternoon and start the barbecue if the weather allows, or just cook inside if it doesn’t,” he added.

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“But the main thing is to stock up on quality Northern Ireland and GB meat for your tea on the Twelfth, and enjoy in a very symbolic way being a proud part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”

The EU last week extended the grace period on chilled meats entering Northern Ireland from GB, leading to a truce in the ‘sausage war’, at least temporarily.

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