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Ex-Miss NI Tiffany Brien 'calls out' troll in open letter


Tiffany Brien has hit back at online abuser who tried to damage her career

Tiffany Brien has hit back at online abuser who tried to damage her career

Tiffany Brien has hit back at online abuser who tried to damage her career

Former Miss Northern Ireland Tiffany Brien last night took a stand against abusive internet trolls by posting an open letter in response to a vicious online attack.

Holywood beauty blogger Tiffany (26) shared her 'Open Letter to Ellie' on her Facebook page, which has 95,000 subscribers.

Trolls have targeted Tiffany in the past, but now she has decided to hit back after being on the receiving end of a particularly nasty attack.

Her abuser sent messages to companies and brands Tiffany has worked with in order to try to damage her career.

In her open letter, Tiffany writes: "I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to share this, but trolls and haters make so many people's lives suffer and I for one want to stand up to them, as I wasn't strong enough to do that before.

"I was apparently being "called out" by Ellie, so I thought I'll just call that person out too."

Tiffany reacted angrily to the troll's claims about "how I was fake, Photoshopped all my photos, bought my followers, "sadly" didn't go to university so have no credentials to do anything...

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"This person also sent a screen shot of her message to the Press to every company/brand I have worked with, telling them they should disassociate themselves with me as the story was going to be published in the Press and would damage their brand.

"I know this because all those brands with whom I have such a good relationships called and messaged me right away to let me know what was going on."

"'Ellie' even claimed she was sharing what she sent to the papers "to be as transparent as she could with me," Tiffany wrote.

"I said, 'You are about as transparent as your fake account'.

"This is the ugly side of social media.

"Thanks Ellie for reminding us of what hideous people are out there.

"Your words genuinely make me a stronger person.

"I have achieved quite a lot in my time that I am really proud of, and I've worked for everything myself."

Recently Tiffany launched the Fitness Body Bible, an online fitness suite, and talked about her many achievements in an extensive Belfast Telegraph interview.

Yesterday she posted a 'selfie' video of herself to show she had nothing to hide, telling her online abuser: "I think the only person who is a 'nothing' round here is you Ellie, hiding behind a fake account with a fake name and fake photos.

"Maybe you should take a look at yourself too.

"But for now here's a video of me,

"The real me, with all the lumps, bumps and wiggly bits. It's all about angles girls, and some fake tan (thanks to my crew at BPerfect Cosmetics). Peace and love!"

Hundreds of fans were quick to praise Tiffany for standing up to the troll attack.

Hannah Beck wrote: "Bloody hell! It makes me sad that my daughter has to grow up in a world where people think it's OK to talk about others the way she has talked about you.

"Obviously someone who is exceedingly jealous and very, very bitter, well she did nothing but make a t*** of herself."

Catherine Mary posted: "Good for you. Trolls are the new bully and bullies are just cowards with small brains and too big a mouth.

"Calling her out is exactly the right thing and I'm so glad I follow you."

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