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Ex-MLA bids to be Orange leader

A former Assembly member is in the running to become next Grand Master of the Orange Order.

Denis Watson, already a County Grand Master in Armagh, has emerged as a potential successor to Robert Saulters.

But the meeting, which would have seen a vote to replace the long-serving Saulters, has been postponed due to the weather conditions.

It had been scheduled to take place in Londonderry tonight following the unexpected resignation of Saulters, who held the office for 14 years.

Mr Watson has not been available for comment but senior Orange sources have confirmed he is set to put his name forward.

The favourite, however, remains County Grand Master of Tyrone, Edward Stevenson, who is the current Deputy Grand Master to Mr Saulters.

A spokesman said tonight’s meeting “has been postponed because of the bad weather... and will be held at a later date”.

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