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Ex-worker jailed for £29k fraud on phones

A former call centre worker who cost Vodafone nearly £29,000 in new phones and iPads has been jailed for a year.

Belfast Crown Court Judge Gordon Kerr QC told 25-year-old David Parry he was a repeat offender, whose motivation in defrauding his employers was solely for profit and as a result was regarded as a high risk of reoffending.

Parry, whose address was given as Maghaberry Prison, will serve an additional year under supervised licensed parole.

In all he pleaded guilty to 17 charges of fraud by abuse of position.

Prosecutor Stephen McCourt said that it had been Parry's job to convince customers to stay with the telecom mobile phone company with promises of an upgrade or additional devices, such as iPads.

However, the court heard that Parry was not always successful, and he was meant to close down the accounts of any customers who insisted on leaving Vodafone.

Mr McCourt said that a few days later, Parry would go back into the closed accounts and order new replacement phones or iPads, but would direct them to an address in Belfast.

Between June and September 2013 Parry ordered some 60 devices, 21 of which were mobiles and 39 iPads, at a cost of £28,924.49.

Parry later claimed to have been paid between £80 and £100 for the devices.

A defence lawyer said that, in effect, Parry was rerouting customer orders at a time when he was having problems with both alcohol and gambling.

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