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Ex-agent claims MI5 cut his cash to silence him

By Liam Clarke

MI5, the British Security Service, is being accused of cutting a former agent’s money in a bid to stop him talking about how people who worked for the security services are treated.

In a series of phone calls last Thursday and Friday an MI5 case worker told Martin McGartland, who infiltrated the IRA in west Belfast from 1987 to 1991, that medical treatment they were funding might also be halted if he made further criticisms about it to the Press.

MI5 claimed that he is endangering the life of Raymond Gilmour, the former Derry supergrass, by revealing that he has been cut adrift by his former handlers. Mr Gilmour is, like Mr McGartland, a former RUC Special Branch agent who is resettled under a new name in Britain where his welfare and security are handled by MI5.

In a statement to the Belfast Telegraph, he endorsed Mr McGartland’s criticisms of the Security Service.

“MI5 have done more damage to my security over the years than anyone,” he said.

“I absolutely agree with Martin’s comments. Our cases show that MI5 are ruthless when agents pass their sell-by date.”

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