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Ex-commissioner Bertha McDougall on new victims' service

A former Victims Commissioner has been appointed to the new service for victims and survivors which has been slammed as "not fit for purpose".

Bertha McDougall will serve on the board of the service set up by Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness, who also announced the appointment of a board chairperson, Peter Gay.

Mrs McDougall's husband, Lindsay, a part-time RUC Reservist, was shot dead by the INLA in January 1981.

She was the first commissioner appointed on an interim basis and was joined by three others, before the first minister and deputy first minister decided to switch back to a sole commissioner last year.

The new commissioner is Kathyrn Stone, who has heavily criticised the new service.

As the Belfast Telegraph reported last week, talks between Mrs Stone, the service and officials from Robinson and McGuinness' office are now on the cards.

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