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Ex-council chief on Northern Ireland Water board

Board members receive £18,000 a year for two days' attendance a month

A former Belfast City Council chief and senior soldier are among four new faces on the board of Northern Ireland Water.

Peter McNaney, who stepped down in 2014 ahead of the new super council being established, and Kingsley Donaldson, a former reconnaissance regiment commanding officer, will receive £18,000 a year for two days' attendance a month.

Trisha McAuley, a former Scottish director of Consumer Futures and James Call, whose background is in social work, have also been appointed as non-executive directors for the four year term.

Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy said: "NI Water is of critical importance to public health and the environment. By 2020 a total of around £3 billion will have been invested by NI Water to reduce leakage levels, lower the threats of flooding and improve water and wastewater quality.

"I am sure that these appointments to the board will help NI Water continue to operate to the highest standards."

John Rae, who has sat on the board since 2011 was re-appointed for a second term.

NI Water is a government-owned company and is responsible for the delivery of water and sewerage services across the region.

It hit the headlines earlier this year when a dispute over pensions left many of homes in rural areas without water.

But the company's worst crisis came in 2010 when a deep freeze left tens of thousands of homes without supplies and bottled water had to be donated from the Scottish and Republic of Ireland.

The new appointments will take effect from August 1.


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