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Executive ineptitude is responsible for this mess: MLA

By Rebecca Black

A plan to axe 2,500 teachers and support staff has been blasted as "appalling" and "a mess" by Ulster Unionist MLA Danny Kinahan.

He blamed the "ineptitude of this SF/DUP dominated Executive".

"Instead of making efficiency savings slowly and carefully over the preceding three years and agreeing to reasonable changes in welfare, we now have huge budget cuts all being forced through in one go," he said.

"In education the cuts are so sudden and severe that we must look at how we do everything.

"We are told an estimated 1,000 teachers or more and 1,500 non-teaching staff or more will need to be cut, and that there are extremely challenging times ahead."

Mr Kinahan accused Education Minister John O'Dowd of "presiding over an appalling situation".

"Our phenomenally hard-pressed teachers and school staff will be even more tested," he said.

"We must work with them and ensure we still can deliver excellent education for our pupils."

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