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Ex-officer slams 'powerless' PSNI after home attack

By John Mulgrew

A former police officer claims the PSNI has "lost control" of a town after he blamed a "rogue UDA element" for an arson attack on his home.

Dominic Tierney's car was set alight and his front windows smashed during the incident on Wednesday night.

Mr Tierney (69) said that at around 11.30pm a brick flew through the window of his Carrickfergus home before going through a set of double doors into his dining room.

"I heard a noise which sounded like a bomb going off. Then the blinds whisked open and I saw one well-built figure, face covered, standing there holding bricks," said the former officer.

"All of a sudden it then came through the window with some serious force.

"Then I saw the flames outside - I was in complete shock at that stage. The whole thing really scared the hell out of me. I opened the door and I saw the car was on fire. I rang 999 and the fire brigade and police arrived a while later. I tried to put the fire out with basins of water too."

The ex-policeman, who lives alone following the death of his wife two years ago, said the PSNI had "completely lost control" in the coastal Co Antrim town, which he believes has a serious problem with loyalist paramilitaries.

"I'm desperately disappointed with the PSNI - not one person has been in contact with me since the attack.

"I put the attack down to a rogue element among the UDA in Castlemara. It's a murky world out there and it stinks to the high heavens.

"I think it's time that these people were reined in.

"The public are going to have to sit up and take notice because the PSNI have completely lost control."

Earlier this month two men were arrested in the loyalist Castlemara estate in connection with firearms offences after reports of shots being fired in the area. They were subsequently released.

Mr Tierney said his Nissan car, which was less than a year old, was a "write-off" due to the severity of the damage caused.

The vehicle suffered a broken windshield and damage to both the interior and bodywork.

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