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Expelled charity members to appeal


Five crew members have been expelled in a dispute which split the Lough Neagh Rescue Charity.

They were removed by the Charity Commission in the first such case in Northern Ireland.

The five were former members of Lough Neagh Rescue which operates a 24-hour volunteer lifeboat service from two stations in Co Tyrone and Co Armagh.

Initially, the five went to the watchdog with allegations about the running of the charity. Their claims were considered unfounded and the five were investigated.

The commission claimed the actions of the five posed a serious risk to the charity. The five intend to appeal the decision at a tribunal and deny any wrongdoing.

One, Gregory Burke, said: "I am confident they (the tribunal) will find the commission's allegations have absolutely no grounds in fact. If the charity tribunal finds that there is something in the commission's allegations, I will happily walk away."

Former charity chairman Trevor McKee has been removed as a trustee by the commission.

He too denies any wrongdoing and is appealing his removal.

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