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Explosive book on Trump’s flawed presidency goes on sale in Northern Ireland today

By Adrian Rutherford

An explosive book on US President Donald Trump is expected to go on sale in Northern Ireland today.

Michael Wolff's Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White House makes a series of astonishing claims about the Trump administration.

It raises questions over Mr Trump's mental health and cites former top aide Steve Bannon as describing a meeting with a group of Russians as "treasonous".

The book went on sale early in the US on Friday amid attempts by the President's lawyers to block its publication.

Yesterday buyers rushed to pick up copies after the book arrived in Britain.

Around 500 copies were delivered to Waterstones' flagship store in Piccadilly, central London.

No copies were on sale in Northern Ireland yesterday, but staff at Eason in Belfast said they expected the first copies to arrive in-store this morning.

Staff at Waterstones in Belfast expect the book to go on sale tomorrow, and said they had taken a number of pre-orders.

The book makes a series of astonishing claims, including:

  • The President goes to bed at 6.30pm before eating cheeseburgers and watching three televisions.
  • The Trump team was shocked and horrified by his election win.
  • Daughter Ivanka had a plan with her husband Jared Kushner that she would be "the first woman President".
  • Ivanka mocked her dad's comb-over.

The book also raised doubts over the President's mental fitness for office, quoting senior officials who allegedly called him "mentally unfit", an "idiot", and "like a child".

Mr Trump responded by tweeting that he was a "very stable genius" who was "like, very smart".

Senior Trump administration officials have also rallied around the President.

CIA chief Mike Pompeo said the portrayal was "pure fantasy", while policy adviser Stephen Miller said Mr Trump was a "political genius" and branded Mr Wolff "a garbage author of a garbage book".

The publication, which has a cover price of $30 (£22), is reportedly based on more than 200 interviews.

Only limited numbers are available in the UK after the book's British publisher Little, Brown rushed the release date forward.

Waterstones said demand for the book had been "unprecedented".

A spokesman said: "Demand is very high, both in our shops and on our website.

"Fire And Fury looks set to be the biggest political book of the year.

"Its UK publisher Little, Brown is continuing to do a fantastic job keeping up with a title which is quite unprecedented.

"We had early deliveries to a selection of shops over the weekend and all of these copies sold out extremely quickly."

Meanwhile, Mr Trump was greeted with a mixture of cheers and boos as he took to the field for the national anthem during a college football game in Atlanta on Monday night.

Critics said it looked as though he had forgotten the lyrics - he appeared to mouth some of the words, while occasionally pausing and missing some out.

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