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Explosives attack injures four

North Belfast political representatives have called for ‘full cooperation’ after an explosive was thrown at, and injured two police officers in Newtownabbey on Friday (September 16).

The two police officers involved received head and hearing trauma, and two shop assistants suffered shock.

The device was thrown at the police officers after they responded to a reported burglary at the Toys R Us store at Mill Road, Newtownabbey.

Nigel Dodds MP said: “The way forward here is for people in the community, who may know of these people or know who they area, or who have any scrap of information or intelligence, to pass that on to the police so that we can root them out of society.

“These criminal terrorists are prepared to put everyone’s safety at risk. There’s no point talking to them because they don’t want to talk, they just want to bring violence and death,” he added.

SDLP councillor Noreen McClelland said: “The community in Newtownabbey has a very good relationship with the police and are angry at this attack This was a cowardly attempt not only on the police but also the business community of Newtownabbey that is trying diligently to trade in difficult times and employs people from the local area.”

Police are appealing for information on 0845 600 8000.

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