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Explosives charge suspect claims he found device lying on the road

A man accused of having explosives following a surveillance operation in Londonderry must remain in custody, a High Court judge ruled yesterday.

Daniel Doyle (46) was among three men detained after a bomb was found in a car stopped on the outskirts of the city.

One of his co-accused has claimed he found the device and was taking it to a priest. All three suspects were charged with possessing explosives with intent to endanger life over the September 26 incident.

An improvised, viable blast bomb wrapped in a tracksuit top was said to have been found under one of the seats in the Citroen intercepted on the Buncrana Road.

It was previously disclosed in court that the suspects had been monitored by police for 20 minutes before they were arrested.

Doyle, of Quarry Street, Derry, was a front seat passenger in the car, it was claimed.

Co-accused Eamon Cassidy (49), of Glenfada Park in the city, alleged that he found the device lying on a road and did not want children playing with it.

The other two men insisted they were unaware of the device when he got into the car.

During Doyle's application for bail the judge noted his claim to have been on his way to work.

Mr Justice McLaughlin said: “The real crux of this case is that he has an explanation for being in the car with this device which seems questionable at best.”

He ruled that the risk of flight or further offending was too great to grant Doyle's release.

“I do not consider he can be dealt with adequately by means such as tagging or curfew,” the judge said.

“I consider these matters out with the normal assumption in favour of bail. The application is refused.”

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