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Extra vigilence can provide a better education for our children

As we approach the school holidays, police in north Belfast are appealing for the whole community to look after the local schools during the summer break.

Inspector Alan Swann, Community Safety Inspector for A District, has asked for support for the School Watch initiative.

He said: “Attacks on schools generally range from broken windows to graffiti, but can be more serious, including arson attacks and burglaries. It is frustrating to see how these mindless acts affect a school and in turn affect the whole community.

“Neither the schools nor the pupils deserve this treatment, and I would urge members of the public to assist police in reducing this type of crime. No one wants to see teachers and pupils return to a school which has been vandalised.

“The impact of criminal damage such as graffiti and broken windows can have a detrimental effect on schools, causing funding to be spent on repairing the damage instead of being used for extra staff to help the children learn, and on much needed school resources and necessities to provide a better education for children.

“Money is also being constantly diverted from school projects to meet the expense of securing premises with window grilles, alarm systems, security cameras, fences, and other crime reduction devices.”

Police ask anyone who lives near to a school to be extra vigilant and report anyone acting suspiciously to their nearest police station.

Police are also urging parents to be aware of what their children are up to and where they are when they are not at home.

Information about crime can be passed to the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

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