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'F*** the DUP' placards at Belfast abortion protest

By Staff Reporter

Protesters carried 'F*** the DUP' placards during an abortion rally in Belfast - days after it emerged a woman may be charged over similar conduct at August's Pride parade in the city.

Hundreds of people marched through the city centre on Saturday to demand changes to Northern Ireland's abortion laws.

The rally began at 2pm at Buoy Park.

Rally for Choice held the demonstration to campaign for "free, safe, and legal abortion".

The group said: "We won't stop campaigning until we have free, safe and legal abortion on the island of Ireland.

"No longer will we tolerate this treatment from Stormont."

Some of the protesters defiantly carried the 'F*** the DUP' placards - despite the fact the woman who was reported for wielding the placard during the summer Pride parade is facing possible prosecution under hate crime legislation.

The investigation into Ellie Evans (24) was prompted by a complaint from DUP politician Jim Wells, who said that the slogan constituted "incitement to hatred and potential public disorder".

The event is the second Rally for Choice to be held in Belfast.

Northern Ireland's abortion law is much stricter than the rest of the UK.

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