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Facebook page that names paedophiles 'breaks no laws'

By Donna Deeney

The founder of a social network page identifying convicted sex offenders expects similar pages relating to other towns.

A Facebook page detailing the names and addresses of convicted sex offenders who are currently living in the Limavady Borough Council area is being monitored by the PSNI. It says no law has been broken so far.

The man behind the site is a father of five who claims Limavady is being used as a dumping ground for sex offenders being released from Magilligan prison.

He said: “The police have been in contact with me and given me guidance on what can and cannot be posted on the site, but they didn't mention taking it down.

“Everyone I have named is a convicted paedophile who is living in Limavady.

“The sex offenders are being released from down the road in Magilligan prison into Limavady as part of a resettlement programme and many of them don't bother going back to where they are from.

“The police can't monitor the movements of these men 24 hours a day nor do they tell the people when a paedophile is moving into the same street as them, so people have a right to know.

“Going by the amount of interest being shown on the page this is a big issue for the people in Limavady. It won't be long before other people do the same as I did for their own towns.”

PSNI Limavady Area Commander, Sam Donaldson said: “Local police have already identified the owner of the page and have given advice and guidance on what is and what is not appropriate to be posted in the public domain.

“It is important to point out that the vast majority of the site content is already in the public domain as a result of news reporting.

“The management of sex offenders is understandably a very emotive and concerning issue for the community and we would like to reassure the public that it is an issue police are fully committed to dealing with.”

A Public Protection Arrangements spokeswoman, the body responsible for the resettlement of all prisoners said: “When offenders leave prison after having served the custodial part of their sentence, they will live in the community and can live where they choose, unless conditions on their accommodation are ordered by the court.

“There is no policy of ‘settlement' of sex offenders in the Limavady area or anywhere else in Northern Ireland.

“The role of the agencies involved in public protection is to work together to manage risk and keep communities safer. If anyone has any concerns about public safety the matter should be brought to the attention of local police immediately.”

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