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Facebook row girl creates new account while dad sues social network

A Northern Ireland schoolgirl whose father is suing Facebook over her posting sexually inappropriate photos has created a new account on the site, it emerged today.

The development was disclosed in the High Court during a review of the legal action centred on the 13-year-old using the social media giant for contact with men.

Her father has issued proceedings against Facebook and the health trust with responsibility for looking after the girl who was subject to a care order.

A claim is also being made against the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure over its alleged regulatory role.

Damages are being sought against the defendants for alleged negligence and breach of the girl's human rights.

In court today her father's barrister, Peter Girvan, confirmed legal aid for the case has now been obtained.

He also said: "There had been an issue between the plaintiff and Facebook in respect of the discovery of a new account by the plaintiff.

"That hasn't reached conclusion."

With further legal issues to be dealt with, Mr Justice McCloskey arranged a further review of the action.

Under Facebook's policy no-one under 13 is allowed to be a member.

But lawyers for her father claim an open registration system allows children to log-in and could put them at risk from paedophiles.

The girl has reportedly posted suggestive images of herself on it since she was 12.

She has used different accounts on the site and been in exchanges with a man who is restrained from any contact with her.

A full hearing of the action is expected to take place later this year.

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