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Facebook shuts Ulster 'rear of the year' page

By Rebecca Black

A Facebook page which invited women across Northern Ireland to post pictures of their near-naked bottoms online has been removed.

The Northern Ireland Rear of the Year competition page was set up over a week ago.

Despite being online for only a week, almost 10,000 people had already 'liked' it after women posted pictures for others to comment on.

Reminisicent of the infamous picture that US reality star Kim Kardashian tweeted earlier this year of her scarcely covered bottom, the photographs were close up views with their owner's faces barely visible.

The owners of the page were encouraging women to take pictures of their rears and send them in for consideration to be published. They emphasised that identities were anonymous.

Some 20 pictures had already been posted in various states of undress.

Some of the comments ranged from vulgar to unkind, and several attempted to unmask who was posing, linking to their personal Facebook pages.

Not just men were to be blame for some of the most unkind comments, with one woman posting about one of the pictures: 'Looks like 2 knots in a hankie! These guys want bubble butts, not this flat cheeks caper!'

Some of the particularly cruel comments posted yesterday about one trouser clad woman's bottom included 'like a black bin liner full of coleslaw' and 'don't know what this is doin on rear of the a black bag full of mushy peas'.

More worryingly one nearly-naked picture posted on the comments section of the page appears to have been put online without the subject's permission.

A man commented 'I am sorry (woman's name) but people just need to know', to a series of apparently furious responses from this woman.

Alliance MLA Anna Lo branded the page "disgusting".

"It is horrible, my first reaction to this is absolute revulsion," she told the Belfast Telegraph.

"Posting these pictures up really isn't very dignified."

She added: "Women need to respect themselves before people will respect them.

"It's like people supporting Page Three, saying, 'what's wrong with it, if you have it, flaunt it'. That is nonsense.

"I think women themselves need to respect themselves if they demand respect from others.

"This page is almost pornography, people getting kicks from looking at the pictures."

The page was removed yesterday. A spokesman for Facebook said it was removed as it had been created by a fake account.

"Facebook has a real name culture to make it a safer environment for all," he said.

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