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Facts that show the Belfast Telegraph is greatest media force in Northern Ireland

Throughout its 142-year history the Belfast Telegraph has been the most comprehensive and trustworthy news service for Northern Ireland, dominating every media landscape and bringing its legion of readers a unique blend of news, comment and sport every day.

The Belfast Telegraph is and has been a byword for independent, courageous and quality journalism.

And nothing is going to change.

Minor changes to come into operation later this week will see the presses rolling earlier, the delivery vans reaching the shops at a different hour, the shopkeeper stacking the paper with that iconic ‘Final’ seal at a time we may not be used to.

But nothing will have changed.

You, the loyal and discerning readers, will continue to get the best newspaper service in Northern Ireland at the time of day you now want it.

And if you’re a dedicated Home Delivery reader, the Belfast Telegraph will continue to drop in your letterbox at exactly the same time of day as before.

Every reader will continue to get:

  • A newspaper that has evolved into a modern force for good in this country.
  • A newspaper that uncovers the stories you want to read, campaigns for change that makes sense and has analysis and commentary with a depth and breadth that no other newspaper can match.
  • A newspaper that offers a sports service which covers a wider range of sports than any other in the UK.

In other words, a newspaper that helps you understand, without bias or favour, the world in which we live today.

A change of printing times does not alter that one jot.

Indeed, over the last 10 years the Belfast Telegraph has evolved into a successful multi-media service, outstripping all of our rivals in this country.

Our website, iPad and mobile news services have joined our newspaper to offer unparalleled news access to an ever-increasing number of people.

We are proud of that.

While others took small steps in the digital direction we embraced the new form. Now our audience is massive and our journalism is as influential as it has ever been.

Here are the figures:

  • The Belfast Telegraph website has DOUBLE the page impressions of all the other local news and current affairs websites in Northern Ireland put together.
  • In February attracted 11million* page impressions from 1.8million* unique users, more than twice that of the Irish News, News Letter, UTV, Slugger O'Toole and Cool FM combined.
  • Add in 181,000** people who read the Belfast Telegraph every day to produce the greatest media force in Northern Ireland.

The media landscape is rapidly changing and nothing can stay the same forever.

Across the British Isles newspaper companies are having to confront changing social needs and challenging economic times. We are no different.

But I promise you that one thing that will never change is that the Belfast Telegraph will continue to give you the news you need when you want it, whether that be in the morning, afternoon or even in the middle of the night.

Thanks for your continuing support.

Mike Gilson, Editor

*Source Google Analytics/Google Adplanner

**Source NITGI 2011

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