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Fairway to heaven: Northern Ireland's youngest golfing prodigy Noah Adnett delighted to be back on course after lockdown


Internet golf sensation Noah Adnett (6) who plays at Knock Golf Club in Dundonald

Internet golf sensation Noah Adnett (6) who plays at Knock Golf Club in Dundonald

Noah Adnett

Noah Adnett

Internet golf sensation Noah Adnett (6) who plays at Knock Golf Club in Dundonald

Northern Ireland's youngest golfing prodigy Noah Adnett "jumped with excitement" when he was among the first to flock to the fairways when golf courses reopened.

The six-year-old from Dundonald, whose natural golfing talent has made him a social media star, struggled through lockdown because he couldn't get to tee off.

Noah's mum Jody Doyle, who also has a young daughter Lola (5), says her son jumped with excitement when he heard restrictions had been lifted to allow courses to reopen.

Jody says: "He was alright for the first week of lockdown and then he started to struggle and every single morning he asked me if the golf course was open.

"He wanted to play on the green at the front of our house but it wasn't safe so we did take him to my uncle's where he could practice chipping.

"When I told him the courses had opened again it was like Christmas, he was jumping all round the house he was so excited.

"I have to be online every morning at 8am to try and book a slot for him as it has all changed and it's members only and you have to book.

"He is playing about four times a week and if he is not on the course, he is usually on the driving range. He just loves it."

Noah, who is tipped to be the next Rory McIlroy, had taken lessons from Rory's close friend and professional coach Ricky McCormick who was astonished by his ability.

Ricky said of the young star last year: "I've been coaching for 10 years and he is without doubt the best five-year-old I've seen."

Videos of Noah hitting the ball 130 yards when he was just five went viral on Twitter and Instagram where they were viewed over 30,000 times in just a few days. His talent caught the eye of several celebrities with boxing champ Carl Frampton retweeting his videos and even Hollywood movie star Kevin Costner commenting on his Instagram post.

Noah's natural swing and ability to drive the ball long distances have also drawn crowds to watch him at his local club.

He was just three when he started to play golf in his grandmother's garden and it was obvious straightaway that he had a gift for the game. Since then there has been no stopping him, until lockdown.

His mum Jody adds: "He didn't get to play golf for 10 weeks and that is the longest time ever.

"He got new Lynx clubs on the Monday and went to the driving range and we got locked down on the Tuesday so he only got to use them once.

"My uncle Mark takes him out and he is now a member of Knock Golf Cub.

"We've moved house and now live a stone's throw from the course and I am delighted he can now get back to doing what he loves."

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