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Falklands veteran gets kids talking across Atlantic

A veteran of the Falklands conflicts is bringing together children of servicemen from boths sides of the battle lines in a new project aimed at enabling them to share their common interests.

Entrepreneur Tony Banks, a former paratrooper, has launched the ‘Previously Unheard/Hasta Ahora Desconocido’ scheme to pair up young people from both sides of the Atlantic to engage in live video chat on the internet.

Mr Banks, who once appeared on the TV show, the Secret Millionaire, said: “It made sense to me to try to start dialogue and discussion between those young people who are most affected by the legacy of the 1982 conflict - the children of veterans.

“These conversations are not meant to be political or turn into a debate on whether the Falklands should be British but rather an attempt to bypass the politicians and show that we have now more in common and are better friends than enemies,” added Mr Banks.

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