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Families must have justice to heal, says John Proctor's widow

By Rebecca Black

The widow of murdered RUC reserve constable John Proctor has said she hopes other victims' families will get the opportunity that she did – despite the proposal for no further Troubles prosecutions from the Attorney General.

John Larkin suggested last week that a line be drawn under the past and that no more inquiries or investigations take place into past atrocities and murders.

June McMullin thanked the Historical Enquiries Team for giving her family the chance to seek justice, "where a great injustice was posed on our family".

"The ripple effect of pain, suffering and anger that has stretched across our family has changed the lives of young and old forever," the family said in a statement.

"But the process to seek justice, although difficult, has helped to bring truth – the facts and a level of understanding of what took place.

"Peace to know we have done all we can in memory of Johnnie to seek justice.

"Healing because of all of this to move forward, seeking a better future for the next generation.

"This is what processes like this allow families to do."

Ms McMullin added that she wants other families to be able to do this.

"Hopefully other families like ours will get justice too, no matter what Larkin seems to think," she said.

Constable Proctor's family and friends burst into smiles and mutters of "yes" at the first conviction over their loved one's death.

Ms McMullin was tearful as she told her supporters: "I can't stop smiling, this has changed my life, this has made my life."

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