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Families repeat calls for justice on 45th anniversary of army shootings

By Staff Reporter

Relatives of people killed in the Ballymurphy massacre have marked the 45th anniversary of the shootings.

They repeated calls for justice over the deaths of the 11 civilians who died over a three-day period in August 1971.

A priest and a mother of eight were among those killed in disputed circumstances by the Parachute Regiment. An 11th person died of a heart attack after a confrontation involving a soldier.

Barrister Michael Mansfield represents some of the families and joined them for their annual March for Truth yesterday.

Mr Mansfield represented most of the Liverpool families at the Hillsborough inquests.

He said: "Ballymurphy is exactly the same as Hillsborough and one of the verdicts that could come out of this is unlawfully killed, and that's important.

"But there are more important things and that is who actually is responsible for the decision which caused the deaths, which caused the shots from snipers and so on, and killed unarmed civilians."

Also present at the anniversary event was Shelia Coleman, a member of the Justice for the 96 campaign.

The campaign was set up by bereaved families and survivors after the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

She told the Ballymurphy families: "Keep the pressure on those in power and you will achieve what you want."

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