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Family despair after pet killed by dogs in park

By Cate McCurry

A Co Down woman has spoken of her devastation after her beloved pet was savagely attacked by two dogs in a park.

Julie Palmer issued a warning to other pet owners and parents of young children after her dog, Eddie, was killed in Donaghadee on Monday evening.

The Newtownards woman, who works for the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, said she had to put the three-year-old dog down after it suffered horrific injuries during the sudden attack.

The pet owner explained that little Eddie, thought to be a terrier-type, was in Crommelin Park in Donaghadee when it was targeted.

The mum added that the two dogs left the area "covered in blood".

She posted an image of the family pet to her Facebook page and said: "This is our dog Eddie, he was savagely attacked at the Dam field in Donaghadee on Monday, September 12, at around 5.30pm by two large black dogs. Eddie was so badly injured that he had to be put to sleep.

"There didn't appear to be an owner with the dogs who attacked Eddie and they haven't been identified as yet. Please be very careful if you are walking your dog in this area or if you have children who play there. Eddie was only three years old, he was a much loved family pet and he loved going for a walk.

"We are all devastated that this has happened and don't want anyone else to go through anything similar.

"We have contacted the Neighbourhood Environment Team and the PSNI and would appreciate information on the owners of these dogs or their whereabouts so we can pass this on to them to help identify these dangerous dogs."

One friend commented: "Totally shocked by this. Some owners are obviously too damn lazy to get up and out to walk their own dogs and don't know what they're doing."

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