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Family flees as thugs threaten to torch north Belfast house

By Claire Williamson

A mother-of-two packed her bags and fled her home last night after republican thugs told her they would burn her house down with her young children inside.

The 27-year-old – who did not wish to be named for her family's safety – was attacked in front of her two children, aged nine and two, on Friday night in north Belfast.

After the attack, police said three masked men had called to the house and the woman was injured as she fought back.

The victim said the men accused her of being a drug dealer and when she protested her innocence, they threatened to burn her house in Rosehead Drive down if she didn't leave.

She told the Belfast Telegraph: "All you could see was their eyes.

"One pushed his way in, while my two children were here.

"He pulled me up the hall. I tried my best to defend myself. In the kitchen he slammed me in to the cooker, lifted me, flipped me, smashed me off the ground, punched me, kicked me, smashed cups on my head.

"He told me I had to get out of my home by Monday or they were going to burn my house down with the kids and all in it."

She added: "He said they were from Republican Action Against Drugs and tried to tell me I was a drug dealer."

But the young mother challenged him.

She said: "When I approached him and said, 'Well come in and find the drugs', he laughed and said, 'You are what I say you are' and he laughed and winked."

The distraught mother said the attack has left her young children traumatised.

She said: "This is my home, I haven't done anything wrong.

"I'm no drug dealer, I have two kids."

As she packed up her belongings after six years in her home, the young mother said she was still in shock.

"It's even worse when you know you haven't done anything wrong and that these people can get away with doing these things.

"My whole house is wrecked."

She continued: "Because I wasn't taking it, I fought back – but what are you supposed to do when your children are in the house? They are your main priority."

Police have appealed to anyone who may have witnessed this incident or who has information to contact them on the non emergency number 101.

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