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Family may flee Northern Ireland after attack on new home

By Laura Abernethy

A man says he may leave Northern Ireland after his home was vandalised early on Monday morning.

David Hilton-McIlwaine and his wife Danielle woke up to find that black ink had been thrown at the front of their house on St Vincent Street in north Belfast during the night.

The couple and their three-year-old daughter Keeley moved back to the area just a month ago after living in England for several years.

Mr McIlwaine said: "I thought it would give my life and my daughter a better chance. Within a month, my home has been attacked. I'm not very happy."

The couple run a charity football team and he says he is not involved with anything that may lead him to him being a target.

He said: "This is how we get repaid. It's like they've said thanks very much but this is what we think of you. We will attack your house whether you have a three-year-old in there or not."

Police are trying to establish a motive for the attack but Mr Hilton-McIlwaine fears someone is looking for a previous tenant.

The family are now considering returning to England.

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