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Family of Sean Quinn seek to question bank liquidator


Businessman Sean Quinn

Businessman Sean Quinn

Businessman Sean Quinn

Members of bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn's family want to cross-examine a bank liquidator over claims they may be hiding up to €500m (£400m) worth of undisclosed assets from the bank.

The Fermanagh family say those claims by Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC) special liquidator Kieran Wallace are "scurrilous lies".

In proceedings in London's Commercial Court, orders were secured requiring disclosure of documents by Investec Bank and an employee which IBRC believed would show some €300m (£238m) in gold was bought on behalf of the Quinns, of which €200m (£158m) was transferred to the Virgin islands.

Despite orders obtained by IBRC from the London and US courts for disclosure of documents, nothing has been obtained to support the allegations, the Quinns say.

The Quinn's cross-examination application came before Mr Justice Brian McGovern in Dublin yesterday.

The judge said he would adjourn the application to next month.

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