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Family praying remains are those of missing John, who disappeared in 2015

By Victoria Leonard

The discovery of human remains could bring closure to the family of John Concannon if they prove to be those of the missing Londonderry man, a councillor has said.

The remains were discovered by a member of the public at Lenamore Road, on the Derry-Donegal border, on Saturday afternoon.

They were removed for forensic examination.

Police said a post-mortem and identification procedures would be carried out in due course.

Mr Concannon, who was in his 70s and suffered from dementia, failed to return to his home in Galliagh after a visit to Derry city centre on November 10, 2015. He was last seen getting off what is believed to have been the wrong bus in Lenamore at a stop just a short distance from his home.

Local councillor Warren Robinson, who knows Mr Concannon's family, said that it would be a weight off their minds if the body is that of their missing relative.

"The family have been very concerned since John went missing," he said.

"If it turns out to be him this will be a great relief for the family.

"Since John disappeared they have suffered another tragedy with the death of his son Jonathan.

"If this is John, then this will enable the family to have closure."

Speaking to the Derry Journal, Mr Concannon's brother Leon Concheanainn said that despite the remains not yet having been formally identified, he believed they were probably those of his brother.

"There was a checked shirt and he had been wearing a checked shirt when he went missing," Mr Concheanainn told the paper.

"We're not sure for definite. He might have to go up to Belfast tomorrow."

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