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Fans mob Frostbit Boy oblivious to world-famous rock star just feet away

By Sara Neill

He has taken the internet by storm, now it seems that 'Frostbit Boy' is more famous than one of Northern Ireland's best-known rockers.

Ruairi McSorley was mobbed by Scottish football fans during a trip to Belfast, but as they swarmed round the teenager they missed the multi-millionaire star sitting right behind them.

The Scots, in Belfast before travelling to Dublin for Saturday's Euro qualifier with the Republic, greeted Ruairi outside the Duke of York bar with handshakes and shouts of: "It's Frostbit!"

While they were busy getting selfies with the Co Londonderry schoolboy, Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol sat quietly on a bench behind them.

Gary, who rose to prominence with hits like Chasing Cars and Just Say Yes, was enjoying a pint of Guinness with friends as excited tourists gathered round Ruairi.

The 18-year-old made headlines across the world when he was captured saying: "You wouldn't be long getting frostbit" during January's icy weather.

His latest appearance proves Ruairi's fame has also spread across the water, as he asked: "If I walked down the street in Scotland, would they know me?"

The Scotsmen replied: "Ah they'd ken you! They know who you are."

When the tourists got excited at Ruairi's suggestions that he needed a "run out in Glasgow or Edinburgh", they told him he would need to get kitted out in a kilt.

But the ensuing change of clothes apparently became too much for Gary, who made a swift - and unnoticed - exit.

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