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Fantastic Mrs Fox Sionna back on her feet after cliff fall

By Christine Carrigan

A plucky fox cub has overcome the odds and learned to walk again after falling off a cliff edge on the north coast.

Sionna is in the care of Lucy's Trust - a dog charity run by Olivia Kennedy, a trained veterinary surgeon, and her partner Rob Durston, who is a photographer.

She was discovered by friend Sara O'Neill who happened to be out for walk with her partner in February. Realising Sionna couldn't move, they sat and tended to the animal for a two hours until help arrived. They then called Olivia to see if she could care for Sionna.

Olivia recalled: "Sionna could barely move, she could just about move her head and that was it.   

"We thought that she was paralysed. We got her back to our home, where I had her on a drip and monitored her.

"She couldn't even go to the toilet by herself. I would have to press on her bladder in order for her to urinate."

Miraculously, after a month in Olivia and Rob's care, Sionna started to improve.

"Sionna's mobility started to come back in March and we were over the moon.

"The next month she started to try to walk again and it was brilliant," Olivia added.

Since then Sionna has continued to make progress.

Olivia expressed her concerns at releasing her back into the wild if her mobility does not fully come back.

"Right now Sionna is living in the loft. We have made a temporary enclosure for her out of four large dog crates and she is allowed out when attended, but she tends to sleep through most of the day, like all foxes. We always have that glimmer of hope that Sianna will make a full recovery and will be able to run fast enough to hunt and get away from danger in the wild," she said.

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