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Farmer Ashley uses cow to propose to partner and milks the moment

By Allan Preston

While many proclaim their love with flowers, one beef farmer in Fivemiletown has found happiness - and fame - by writing a marriage proposal on the side of his cow.

Ashley Farrell stunned his girlfriend Anna Martin on Christmas Eve by writing 'Marry Me' in red paint on the side of a new calf.

The now famous bovine - who remains unnamed - was apparently chosen as it's large white 'belt' provided the perfect canvas for the romantic message.

A delighted Anna Martin told the Belfast Telegraph she couldn't believe the reaction.

"I was very shocked, Ashley is great but he's your typical farmer and I wouldn't have put him down as the creative type," she said. "He'd tell you himself he's not romantic.

"But for him this is very romantic and creative so I was very pleased and shocked."

Ashley set his plan in motion last November, informing Anna to expect a new calf for her Christmas present.

"On Christmas Eve he came in and said, 'Come on out and see this calf before it gets dark'," Anna explained.

"We went out and I asked, 'Is that my calf in there with that cow?', because I knew it would be bigger as he had it so long.

"I just had the words out of my mouth and the cow turned round and there it was with marry me on it."

She continued: "I looked at the cow in shock and couldn't believe it, then I looked round at him and he disappeared out of my eye level because he was down on one knee. I just thought 'oh my goodness'. It was really sweet and of course I said yes.

"He was very good, he went and asked my daddy for permission. I'm glad he did that, it's a nice touch. But I don't think they knew he was going to do that, they couldn't believe it. His family all thought it was brilliant too, they are all very surprised by him now."

With a wedding now in the works for 2018, she added: "He's done well, he's happy and I'm happy."

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