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Farmer finds abandoned pot-bellied pigs in Fermanagh barn

A Fermanagh councillor has hit out after three pot-bellied pigs were abandoned at a hay shed near his home.

Sheamus Greene, a part-time farmer who lives near Brookeborough, said action needed to be taken before someone got hurt.

“The sooner some government officials act on this matter and remove them from freely roaming the countryside, the better before they attack someone or something. It’s a bad act because these pigs can’t survive in the wild. They’re domesticated and should have been kept as pets,” he told the Fermanagh Herald.

He also had the fright of his life when he agreed to be photographed with the feisty porcine trio. “I'm lucky to still have all my limbs intact after the photo session this morning. There's been headline after headline about mad cow disease, but I'd say today was ‘a close encounter with the mad pigs’ kind.”

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