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Fat chance of romance as Colin 'outs' William

Bangor author Colin Bateman is taking a novel approach to an email scam artist, entering into correspondence with "Foxy Fatima" and detailing the exchange on his facebook page - much to the amusement of his 3,500 facebook friends.

Earlier this month, Bateman received an email from Mrs Fatimah Abdu-Al-Hamid, who purports to be a dying muslim woman, instructed by Allah to leave Colin her inheritance - totalling several million dollars - on the condition that he sets up a private bank account in Malaysia.

Rather than hit delete, curious Colin decided to see what would happen if he played along.

Joking that he hoped a romance might be on the cards, the author has put his creative writing skills on show, entertaining readers with his witty reponses to Fatimah's earnest pledges.

Unfortunately for Fatimah, 'she' may have accidentally used her real email address, complete with full name, sadly dashing all hopes of a love match - William just isn't Colin's type.

Not one to miss a trick, Bateman published the email address online, urging all of his 'friends' to email William at the same time, with the same message.

Colin is now hoping his prank won't come back to bite him: "There was one of the people who commented on the facebook site saying that they had gone along a similar line and then they'd been sent a virus which killed their computer stone dead. So, bearing in mind the great works of literature which await the public on my computer, I don't want it to die."

One of the works he definitely won't want to lose is the novel he has intimated will soon be released - we wait with bated breath for the promised 'Fifty Tonnes of Fatima'.


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