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Fatal blow struck in 'a scene of terror'

During the marathon trial, which lasted from last November until March, Diplock judge Mr Justice Treacy heard the Hughes family were celebrating Siobhan's birthday when her brother Kevin had a fight with "an associate" of the Murrays.

It was as they walked home that they were attacked by the four defendants who had come from a party in a taxi.

Numerous witnesses gave evidence that they saw Martin Murray standing at the front of the car brandishing a knife and shouting "come on you Provie b******" towards the Hughes clan, while his cousin was holding a large bottle of alcohol.

In what the judge described as a "scene of some terror, mayhem and pandemonium" a violent and aggressive confrontation erupted between the two factions as Eamon Hughes took his belt off and Kevin Hughes chased Liam Murray away.

As a taxi moved slowly down the road, one witness said he saw Martin Murray hanging out the back door and that Mr Hughes was swinging his belt at him. It was then that the fatal blow was struck as Murray swung behind him and Mr Hughes fell to the ground.

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