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Father demands inquest after horrific baby delivery at Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital


A distraught father has called for an inquest into the death of his son during childbirth, after witnessing his horrific death at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Due to a fluid build-up in his stomach, the baby, who was to be called Liam James, had only been given a 5% chance of survival.

However, nothing could have prepared Patrick McCormick and his girlfriend Louise for what would happen next.

Mr McCormick described the moment that he witnessed his son's head come away from his body as medical staff worked to deliver the baby.

The heartbroken father told UTV in an emotional interview just 24 hours after his son's death that he was "stunned" by the manner in which he died.

He said: "A nurse who's been there for 35 years told me she's never seen anything like it in her life."

Mr McCormick then proceeded to inform his girlfriend what had happened to their son.

"She said: 'Paddy, can I hold him?' And I broke down," he said. "I had to sit and go through every detail with her. I don't know if I'll ever get over it," he added.

A post mortem is currently being carried out but it is understood that the baby was clinically dead at the point of delivery.

But this will not be known for certain until the autopsy results are confirmed.

It is believed that cases like this are extremely rare and have not occurred in the Belfast Trust area since 1998.

But Mr McCormick said that he does not want any other family to go through the same trauma that he and his girlfriend are currently going through.

The couple had repeatedly requested a Caesarian section throughout the pregnancy, after being told from early on that there would likely be problems with the baby and the fluid gathering.

But this was dismissed by doctors who said that it could lead to complications, he claimed.

In a statement, the Belfast Trust offered heartfelt sympathies to the family. "We do not underestimate how painful this situation is for them," a spokeswoman said.

"This has also been a harrowing time for our staff who, throughout a very unusual set of circumstances, have endeavoured to give the best possible care."

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