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Father hits out over teen on scrambler

by Natalie Gorman

A father from Bangor has described his terror after a “drunken teenager” driving a scrambler, almost careered into his two young children as they enjoyed a family walk together in a local park.

Last Thursday, April 7, Paul Main, 39, was taking his daughter, nine, and her younger brother, three, for a walk along the towpath in Linear Park when he heard the noise of a scrambler coming directly behind him.

Mr Mayne told the Community Telegraph: “As soon as I heard the noise of the engine I knew what it was and that the rider was heading straight for us — it has happened before.

“I shouted at the children to freeze, it was a voice of panic. Thank goodness they obeyed me and I could ensure they weren’t in the direct line of this drunk teenager — who knows what could have happened?

“In a flash he tore up the middle of the tow path where we had just been standing, he was going about 25 miles an hour and he was most definitely drunk — you could tell by the way he was holding himself and controlling the bike.

“I managed to call the police as soon as he drove past, but it took twenty minutes before they arrived, and they told me there was nothing they could do as they hadn’t seen him in the act.

“But this has happened to us before just a couple of weeks ago with the same guy on the yellow scrambler.

“It’s a disgrace that he keeps getting away with it, I really feel the police should patrol this area more often to get this guy out of the park — it’s so dangerous, this guy has absolutely no concern for anyone, someone is going get badly hurt. It’s a nice area around here and most people know everybody, but this really puts me off going to the park with the kids now.”

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Police in Bangor are investigating reports of a youth on a yellow scrambler causing annoyance to residents in the area of Linear Park and Silverbirch Road on the evening of Thursday April 7.

“We would be keen to speak to this person before he does himself or someone else any harm.

“Police would remind the public that they will take action to curb the nuisance and dangers associated with the use of off-road scramblers and mopeds on public footpaths and green spaces in the area. Quads, and some scramblers do not comply with Construction and Use regulations and Vehicle Safety Standards.

“These vehicles should only be used on private land where you have permission and should not be used on pavements, roads, public property or parks; this includes the green grass areas and black paths throughout the area.

“If you know who owns this bike, then please give the station a ring 0845 600 8000 and ask for Bangor Enquiry Office.”

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