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Father 'mystified' over children's rape claims

By Eamonn Macdermott

A father charged with the sexual abuse of his children and allowing other men to rape his daughter said he was mystified by the allegations.

The Londonderry man, his brother and another man described as a family friend have denied more than 50 charges.

The jury at Coleraine Crown Court has now heard that the accused brothers pleaded guilty earlier this month to sexually abusing their own sister from when she was four years old.

The father said his son and daughter never stayed with him after his marriage broke down because he was "a party animal".

However, he denied that the parties involved children.

The court heard that he was numb with shock when the allegations were made.

"They're untrue," he said. "I have never, ever, ever harmed my children. Not even smacking."

The man's brother denied being present at parties in the 1990s where he raped the girl.

He said: "It never happened. It's totally insane... she is lying or mistaken. I have never in my life touched that wee girl."

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