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Fear stalks town after OAP raped in her home

A Co Down community is living in fear of a vicious rapist after a 76-year-old woman was attacked at night in her bedroom.

Neighbours of the woman, who was attacked at her Newtownards home, have been left sickened by the assault which has provoked strong condemnation from the local community.

Last week’s incident was the second rape in the town in two months.

Some of the neighbours of the latest victim, who was raped at her Upper Greenwell Street home, say they are now too frightened to continue living there.

One woman in her 80s said she was urgently seeking rehousing and has been terrified of going to bed since the attack.

Neighbours added that they believe the victim, who is now recovering from her horrific ordeal with family a short distance away, will never return home.

The pensioner was attacked as she waited for the last visit of the day from her carers, who regularly attend the frail victim.

It is believed her attacker got into her home by a rear window and was disturbed after carrying out the attack when the carers arrived at the house.

One woman who lives nearby said she knows the victim personally and that she is now too terrified to stay in the house she’s lived in for many years.

“I want out,” she said. “I’ve asked to get out and my daughter’s trying to get out.

Another neighbour, who also lives alone, admitted she was scared living in the area now.

“It’s awful. This happened very near a main road.

“It’s really scary to think that the attacker is still out there, somewhere.”

The neighbour added that “the police have been out around all the houses and the Neighbourhood Watch has been out in the area too”.

Local community group, the East End Residents’ Association, is understood to have issued alarms to neighbours.

One resident, who lives with her son, said: “Who would do such a thing.

“This is the lowest of the low, really that’s all it is.”

Local MP, the DUP’s Jim Shannon, said the community was “united” in its utter revulsion at the attack.

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