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Fears bullet found in street may be part of dissident consignment

By Donna Deeney

Fears that dissident republicans are planning to step up their campaign in Londonderry have been expressed after a bullet was found in the Creggan area.

A woman living on the Rathmore Road area of Creggan found the bullet last Thursday morning and took it to the local Sinn Fein office, where the PSNI were contacted.

Councillor Kevin Campbell said there is speculation that the bullet was part of larger consignment of arms that was being moved.

He added: “It was strange that this was found given that there was no activity in this area the night before or indeed for quite some time, which would lead me to think it was part of a larger consignment that was being moved.

“The woman who found it brought it to our offices because I think she just wanted rid of it as fast as possible, but we handed it over to the PSNI and it's with them now.

“It is worrying because if that lady hadn't seen it and picked it up, a young child coming from school could have lifted it and maybe not been aware of what it was, and if it was hit with a stone we could have been looking at a serious injury.”

The councillor added: “There are a lot of young children living around the Rathmore Road area and children are naturally curious about strange objects.

“They wouldn't have known a live bullet from a piece of shaped metal, so it doesn't bear thinking about what could have happened, but I don't suppose the people who left it care too much about young children.

“It is outrageous that this was left lying on the road.

“It is totally irresponsible but we only have to look at the people who are in possession of arms to see that they don't have much regard for the safety of the people of Creggan.

“These people need to wise up and think about the dangers that their actions are placing people from their own communities in.”

A police spokesman confirmed the bullet was handed over to the PSNI.

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