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Fears over missing NI man who lived rough in Wexford


Missing: wherabouts of Neil McCann, a native of Belfast, are unknown

Missing: wherabouts of Neil McCann, a native of Belfast, are unknown

Missing: wherabouts of Neil McCann, a native of Belfast, are unknown

Concerns have been expressed for the wellbeing of a homeless man, originally from Northern Ireland, who has been living rough around Wexford for the past three weeks.

Neil McCann, aged in his 50s, is a native of Belfast and had been engaging with local charity Wexford People Helping People (WPHP). Arriving with nothing, the group set him up with a tent, some bedding and equipment and he had been sleeping out at Ferrybank, north of Wexford town.

However, the group is now extremely concerned for Neil as he disappeared before they could get him some urgently needed medical attention.

"He badly needs medical attention," explained WPHP founder Claire Malone.

"He seems to have caught some kind of infection and he was seeing things and hearing things the last time we saw him. Also his legs were red raw. Obviously, as he was sick at the point he disappeared, we would have huge concerns for his welfare."

Neil had been living rough in Dublin before arriving to Wexford and it appears that he had fallen on hard times after a relationship breakdown.

"The gardai told us that they'd take him up to A&E and he'd be sectioned, but we made a deal with him that he could stay where he was for the night and we'd organise a doctor to come out and see him the following day. Sadly that seems to have spooked him and he must have taken off.

"The worry we'd have is, with him being sick, that he might have got disorientated or fallen over and hit his head or something like that."

WPHP has had numerous reports of sightings in recent days, one of which saw Neil cycling a bike across Wexford Bridge. Gardai are looking into the matter and have agreed to examine CCTV footage.

A blue backpack which had been given to Neil by the WPHP crew was discovered in The Rocks, leading them to believe he may have spent at least a night here.

"I can't see him surviving very long on his own as things are," a worried Claire said.

Anyone who may have seen or come into contact with Neil in recent days is asked to get in touch with the Wexford People Helping People Facebook page.

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