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Female police officer kicked in the face in second attack in five months

By Claire Williamson

A woman police officer has been kicked twice in the face as she attended a domestic dispute - the second time the officer has been attacked in the space of five months.

The officer suffered bruising as she was kicked twice in the face and had her hair pulled out during the incident.

A male colleague who attended the call with her was also attacked.

The mother-of-two was also attacked in April when she attended disturbances in the Crumlin area and required staples to her head after she was struck with a brick.

The Police Federation (PFNI) which represents rank-and-file PSNI officers, on Friday released the images showing the extent of the bruising to her face.

Similarly they released graphic images in March showing the officer's injuries which included her blood stained white shirt.

The news of the latest attack on the police officer comes one day after the Police Federation, called for the Northern Ireland government to impose mandatory custodial sentences for people found guilty of assaulting a police officer.

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The PFNI chairman Mark Lindsay said in the past year there had been attacks on 20% of front line staff - which is almost 600 officers.

Mr Lindsay said assaults on officers are totally unacceptable, and tougher sentencing would send a clear message that the administration was committed to protecting officers carrying out their duty.

He said: "What we are trying to achieve is a reduction in the number of police officers assaulted as a result of doing their job.

"Last year we saw 20% of our front line staff, almost 600 officers assaulted by protecting the community.

"To us this is unacceptable what we are asking for there to be proper sentencing procedures and custodial sentences for people who are convicted of assaulting the police."

Commenting on the most recent attack a PFNI spokesman said it was "deplorable".

"No officer deserves to be treated like this and in situations where they are rushing to help people. They have been asked to intervene in a domestic situation or indeed any situation out there. No officer deserves that.

"It's dreadful. Cops rush to people's aid, they get into harm's way, that is their job, but they don't deserve to be treated like this.

"It's deplorable behaviour, whether it's holding the line to uphold a Parades Commission ruling or whether it's in response to a domestic dispute, they deserve to be treated properly."

In March the Police Federation launched a campaign in a bid to show the human side of policing.

The message behind the series of hard-hitting videos was "they are normal people doing a job like no other".

The PSNI did not comment.

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