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Fermanagh abuse probe detailed and difficult, says officer


Case: Supt Clive Beatty

Case: Supt Clive Beatty

Freddie Parkinson

Case: Supt Clive Beatty

The investigation into alleged historic sexual abuse in Fermanagh is "detailed and difficult" the area commander has told a Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) meeting.

Superintendent Clive Beatty was responding to a question from a representative of alleged abuse victims, who are concerned at the continuing delay and apparent lack of progress.

She said: "Victims are asking me why there is delay and when they can expect something by way of progress. They have voiced many concerns."

Chief Superintendent Clive Beatty replied: "A very detailed and difficult investigation is ongoing into many, many allegations. These are not only recent, but historic. Quite a few historic cases already previously investigated have been reopened and reinvestigated. In some instances we were nearing a decision when a new allegation is made on another person, or another alleged victim comes forward. We have to start the process all over again, just when we think we are at the next point of arrest and interview." He added: "Gold Command are responsible and highly trained specialists are combing over every single allegation.

"I have every confidence when they reach the stage they are satisfied of possible conviction, they will move to the next phase, which is interview."

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