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Fermanagh man 'assaulted and threatened to kill PSNI officer'

Christopher Boyle appeared beofre Belfast High Court on Thursday
Christopher Boyle appeared beofre Belfast High Court on Thursday

A man allegedly kicked a police officer to the head and threatened to leave his colleague "stone f****** dead", the High Court has heard.

Christopher Boyle turned violent after attacking a house in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh while a woman and her four-year-old child were inside, prosecutors claimed.

The 21-year-old faces charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, threats to kill, disorderly behaviour, criminal damage and assault on police over the incident on February 14.

He is also accused of punching another PSNI officer about the head and face in a separate outburst of aggression earlier in the month.

Refusing bail, Judge Brian Sherrard said: "I can't be persuaded that this man is not a risk of re-offending."

Boyle, of Corban Avenue in the town, was allegedly among a group of around 15 people trying to get into a house in the Foxhill Close area, the court heard.

According to the prosecution the woman inside with her child locked the door, ran upstairs and phoned police.

She claimed to have viewed Boyle on a CCTV camera, kicking and cracking a pane of glass on her door.

When police arrived he allegedly shouted "F*** you, f*** the PSNI" and tried to head-butt one officer.

Others in the crowd surrounded police as Boyle continued to struggle and resist arrest, it was contended.

A Crown lawyer alleged that he kicked one of the officers to the side of the head, causing an open wound and breaking his earpiece.

Limb restraints were applied amid a further attempt to inflict a head-butt, she claimed.

Boyle allegedly made a series of threats to kill, telling one officer: "I swear to God, Constable, when I get out I'm going to kill you stone f****** dead."

The court was told a motive for the incident remains unclear.

Defence barrister Michael Boyd stressed his client has no problem with the woman living at the house.

Instead, Boyle claims he was verbally abused and had objects thrown at him by another man as he walked past.

Counsel said the accused denies damaging the property but accepts that he "reacted extremely badly" when police arrived.

"He did it in the heat of the moment, he completely lost his cool," Mr Boyd added.

Boyle is separately charged with assaulting police and disorderly behaviour at Cornagrade Road in Enniskillen on February 1.

He was allegedly part of a group drinking in the area, with the prosecution claiming he became aggressive and responded to a pre-emptive baton strike by punching an officer several times about the head and face.

Ruling that the accused must remain in custody, Judge Sherrard expressed little confidence he would abide by any bail conditions.

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