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Fermanagh priest left red-faced after The Sash played during Mass


Fr McPhillips during the service

Fr McPhillips during the service

Fr McPhillips during the service

A Co Fermanagh priest was left red-faced at the weekend when he accidentally played the intro to loyalist song 'The Sash' during Sunday morning Mass.

The incident happened at the end of the 11.30am service at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Lisnaskea where Father Jimmy McPhillips was livestreaming to members of his congregation. The parish priest could be seen using a device to line-up the music, but immediately looked confused when the famous Orange Order song began playing - giving his parishioners at home a bit of a giggle at the end of the Mass.

While Fr Jimmy declined to comment on the incident when contacted by the Belfast Telegraph last night, he dealt with it at the time in good-natured humour.

Quick as a flash, just as the The Sash began playing throughout the empty church, he told his online congregation: "Sorry, that's the wrong one. Sorry about that." And in a nod to the fact that it wasn't The Twelfth of July just yet, he added: "It's a bit early for that, isn't it?".

Unfazed, the priest quickly restored order and played the track he had originally intended to - Footprints In The Sand by Leona Lewis.

Footage of the faux pas at the altar has been widely shared and viewed on social media.

One person wrote: "Oh Bless him. Gloriously embarrassing" while another added: "Good man Father Jimmy, always cracking a joke."

The Mass can still can be viewed on Church Services.tv.

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