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Fermanagh resident pleads for her gnomes to come home after thieves steal ornaments from her garden

By Rebecca Black

"Gnomes come home" is the plea from a Fermanagh resident whose prized possessions were stolen from their front garden at the weekend.

The brightly painted pair, adorning the garden of a house on Enniskillen's Sligo Road, cheered many a traveller and passer-by.

But it seems their gnome boots were made for walking after the treasured ornaments disappeared over the weekend.

Police in the town have now got involved after the bereft owner discovered the gnomes missing on Saturday morning.

Officers have launched an appeal for information.

It is believed they disappeared sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.

The gnomes are understood to be fairly rare statues from an Austrian brand, but police said that their greatest value was in terms of sentiment to their owner.

They are around three foot tall, one is painted in blue and red and the other is painted yellow and green.

One has 'Rudai' written on it, and both have 'Ges Yesch' written on the bottom.

The PSNI has issued an appeal for information about the gnomes on its page for the Fermanagh division of the force.

Officers posted photographs of each of the jolly looking chaps, along with their details.

They have urged that the gnomes be returned to their owner as soon as possible, or if anyone has any information about their whereabouts to come forward to the PSNI.

An officer added that they have been "reliably informed" that whoever had taken the gnomes would have "nothing but bad luck until they are returned", adding: "You have been warned."

The posts attracted a great deal of attention, including one comment from a young woman who appears to be related to the owner of the gnomes. She posted: "Poor granny."

Others responded to the post in a more light-hearted manner, with some wondering whether a ransom note had been left, some claiming they had spotted the gnomes in question trying to thumb a lift across the border, and another even joking that they were on their way down to the Republic to cast their votes in the same-sex marriage referendum.

Some Facebook users were also trying to do their best to help spread the word by alerting others to the police appeal.

There were lots of gnome puns, including "Gnome news is good news", "He has no gnome anymore he is out there all in his gnome so sad", and one person responding to the news by saying "Gnome way!".

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