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Fighting for life: Six pups abandoned at pound and battling killer parvovirus

By Cate McCurry

Hopes are fading for the survival of six rescue puppies who were abandoned at a Co Antrim pound.

The seven-week-old pups - called Half-pint, Nala, Coco, Flora, Max and Casper - are believed to be suffering from highly contagious canine parvovirus.

Vets treating the pups say it will take a miracle for them to survive the deadly virus.

However, Suzanne Fleming who helped with the rescue says she is hopeful.

Suzanne, who has rescued and cared for unwanted dogs for over eight years, described it as the worst case she has dealt with.

"They can't lift their heads, they can't eat, drink or move. I contacted a vet and they have been trying to treat them," she said.

Suzanne, from Londonderry, works alongside rescue centres across Northern Ireland including Assisi Animal Sanctuary near Bangor.

"Assisi contacted me and asked if I could help with these Hound puppies," she explained.

"I organised a foster carer in Limavady to care for the puppies - but I never expected them to be so bad. Parvo in puppies is common because they haven't been vaccinated and can't be treated at a young age. If the puppies are strong enough they can fight it but these ones have no reserve.

"I visited them at the vets on Tuesday and they are all hooked up to drips for fluid and pain relief but they are passing lots of blood.

"It's made their skin at their back end, tails and back legs burn.

"It's so distressing to see them at seven weeks with such little energy. They should be bouncing but they can't even lift their heads.

"We are hoping that they will show major improvement but if they don't then we just can't continue as they won't get better." Suzanne said there are many cases of unwanted puppies abandoned at pounds and rescue centres.

She explained: "People do not spay or neuter their dogs and they end up with unwanted litters - these people are not being responsible.

"People are breeding their dogs not realising there are lots of unwanted dogs in shelters.

"It's so frustrating that this happens so much."

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